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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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    Perceived importance of brand

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    Willingness to pay premium for brand


August, 20225 minutes read

Should you trademark or copyright your name/logo?

Copyrights and trademarks are words usually used in similar contexts, which can easily lead to confusion between the two. But there is a significant difference between them, and you should be aware of these differences when deciding which one is more suitable for your business purposes.

Coca Cola

August, 20223 minutes read

Trademarking Shapes: From Coca Cola to Rubik's Cube

As more trademarks are being registered each year, we can also observe an increase in more unconventional forms of trademarks. These new kinds of trademarks consist of all possible product or service descriptives such as colour, sound, the shape of goods, smell, motion taste, and touch/texture. Shape trademarks have featured prominently in the news in recent years due to the coverage given to some of the internationally well-known companies, which have experienced great successes and failures in relation to the registration of such signs. Should your company follow this trend?


August, 20223 minutes read

Trademark Squatting - What is it, Why it happens, and How to prevent it?

A common problem owners of trademarks encounter is when seeking to introduce a new product and service they Trademark Squatting - What is it, Why you should be aware about it and How to prevent it find themselves blocked by ‘trademark squatting’, where a third party has already applied for an identical or similar trademark. How does trademark squatting happen and how can businesses protect themselves from it?

Trademarks and Metaverse

August, 20223 minutes read

Why register a trademark in China?

China continues to offer huge market growth potential, with its wide skilled labor pool, leading infrastructure, and continuous investment in innovative technological landscape. Expanding business to China is not always easy, but companies that ignore this growing market risk falling behind their competitors.

alejandro-luengo-VpL2pCBfvhU-unsplash 1

August, 20225 minutes read

Can you change your trademark over time?

Brands tend to evolve and undergo numerous changes over time. Many companies have changed their names to cater to a larger audience, either by altering their original logos for a more modern look or abandoning controversial words in their slogans. As the company expands beyond its planned offerings of goods and services or decides to take a different direction altogether, usually what follows are certain changes or even complete rebranding. A common question is then: can trademarks change over time? Well, it depends.


July, 20225 minutes read

Common mistakes to avoid when registering a trademark

Creating a business is not an easy job. From sketching out the business plan to choosing the name and logo, the whole process requires a lot of time and effort as nobody would want this amount of planning to go to waste. This is why business owners shouldn’t brush over one of the most important steps in the process of establishing their company – registering a trademark.


July, 20225 minutes read

When should I register my trademark?

Timing is everything, and this is especially true when it comes to trademark registration. Choosing to trademark your brand at the right time is much more important than you would think.

romain-dancre-doplSDELX7E-unsplash 1

July, 20225 minutes read

Words to avoid when choosing a trademark

Your trademark is the face your brand. Trademark registration helps your customers to identify the goods and services you offer and differentiate them from the ones offered by your competitors. It is then essential to make sure that your trademark is distinct and recognisable enough to represent your brand.


July, 20225 minutes read

Can you use personal name as a trademark?

Trademark is a piece of intellectual property that serves to protect individuality and distinctiveness of your brand. A name is usually perceived as one of the core aspects of somebody’s individuality. A combination of a first name and surname, or a nickname, is something we come to identify by and how we are distinguished from others. It’s what makes us unique and special. But does that mean that a personal name can and should be trademarked?

Trademarks and Metaverse

June, 20223 minutes read

Trademark registration and Metaverse

Immersive virtual world that parallels the physical world we live in, that is the main promise of the Metaverse. Its market value is estimated to surpass $947.1 billion by 2030 [1] and as such, both established and new brands are paying a close attention towards the latest trends and developments in this area. Numerous recent cases demonstrate the apparent limits of brand protection for physical products and services due to the rise of copycat items in the virtual world, highlighting the urgency of rethinking trademark registration strategies.

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